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Dec 6'th. 2009

Wrestling Clinic;

Over the weekend, Champions Wrestling School hosted one of the best wrestling clinics in its history. I would like to thank those of you who made it.

Over 40 wrestlers (several of them are state champions and nationally ranked) from Faittville, Columbia SC, Spartanburg SC, Greensboro, attended in the clinic in order for them to get ready for upcoming wrestling tournaments and championship. Wrestlers were taught very unique techniques that could be utilized to turn the match around quickly. Besides, thay got opportunity to drilled and wrestled with several different wrestlers who have great wrestling background.

We also talked about Charlotte All-Star Middle School Wrestling team to go Dixie National on Dec 27-28 in Atlanta, GA. We have 70% of the team ready and still working on to make sure the best local wrestlers get opportunity that they can take advantage of. So please confirm and let me know if you are interested in being on the All-Star Middle School Wrestling Team/ or you recommend anybody else by Saturday.


Nov 8'th, 2009

Wrestling Clinic;

What a fantastic wrestling clinic we had over the weekend with over 40 wrestlers!!!. Participants got opportunity to explore where they are and what direction they are going regarding their shape and knowledge.

We had to move our wrestling mats to the gym because we had many wrestlers who did not register online but walk-in which is still OK but there is no other way around how many wrestlers coming.

It was a good problem to have actually. I am more pleased to see wrestling population growing and wrestlers and parents believing in us.

Now with two locations Champions Wrestling School will continue to bring you the best wrestling work out and learning opportunity!


Oct 5'th, 2009


Wrestling Clinic;

Dear Wrestlers, Parents and Coaches,

I would like to thank you for those who made our wrestling clinic over the weekend. It one of the best clinic we ever had as far as work out. Wrestlers got opportunity to have a wonderful pre-season work out and learned a lots of new wrestling techniques. We mostly touched base on set-ups with Russian ties, take down and finishings. On top-bottom, we emphasized on break-down, leg-in and pinning combination.

But more importantly, during clinic we were more excited to see many wrestlers who are so dedicated to make a difference this year. Over 10 wrestlers who practiced/ and practicing with us are going to participate Super 32 wrestling tournament which is the biggest pre-season wrestling tournament in the country. And we are committed to provide the best training they can get till then and after.

You can, too, get going wrestling now with us and take advantage of the best training with the best local coaches and wrestlers who are dominating in any tournament they go.

Super 32 team
Please note: As of Oct 12, we are going to practice Mondays and Wednesdays at 6-8 pm, Sundays at 1-3 pm. We know that most local wrestling clubs, soon, practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays but they know just two days a week is not enough to be a competitive. So they want to get extra mat time with us. It has been working well for everybody last two years and i encourage you to take advantage of it. (Only for silver class)
Again, thank you for trusting in us and making us the best wrestling club in southeast!

Sep 6, 2009

Wrestling Clinic

Champions Wrestling School hosted a World-Class pre-season wrestling clinic over the weekend. Wrestlers got opportunity to start early and be ahead for the upcoming season. Wrestlers learned how to prepare for pre-season regarding drilling, set-ups, live situation, top-bottom, leg-ins etc. And they left with a great feelling for the season!

July 29, 2009

Champions Wrestling School 2008-2009 Wrestling Season Recap

Wow, What a wrestling season and a summer wrestling camp!!. First, I would like to thank for those of you who participated our practice during the season and summer wrestling camp last week and made it a phenomenal wrestling camp. Over 60 wrestlers participated and enjoyed learning, wrestling, and meeting with Olympic Medalist and World Champion, Seref Eroglu.

Recap of the season;
In 2008-2009 wrestling season, we put extra effort and attention in practice for wrestlers to leverage their abilities. To do so, during the season, we hosted 8 wrestling seminars(clinic), two summer wrestling camps, two mini camps. And we attracted over 250 elementary, middle and high school wrestlers from North and South Carolina in these events. For our 2009 Summer wrestling camp, we brought in Turkish Olympic Silver Medalist and World Champion, Seref Eroglu. Wrestlers got an opportunity to lean world class techniques and got chance to wrestle with him one-on-one during his three day visit.

Successes in 2008-2009 seasons;
Wrestlers who participated our practice and events showed great improvements and success in the championships and tournaments, including;

  • Over 15 state champions,
  • Over 20 state placers
  • 30 conference champs and placers from every age groups.

We were so glad to see that almost 30% of the wrestlers who we reached out to were beginners which shows us a great trust in our program and improving interest in wrestling of North and South Carolinas.

Goals for 2009-2010;

  • We are committed to providing the best comprehensive wrestling training to the wrestlers in the region and focused on expending our organization into two/ or three different locations and putting together at least 4 wrestling camps and 10 wrestling seminars(clinics).
  • As a guest to our future wrestling seminar(clinic) and camps, we are planing to bring in All-American wrestlers, Division I collage-level wrestling coaches, and international level wrestlers for next year.
  • We are also planing to put together an All-Star Team for different Dual and Individual wrestling tournaments. In doing so we bring in the best of the best kids and overcome one of our biggest challenges which is "lack of though workout partner".
  • We plan to host a one of the best national freestyle and greco wrestling tournament in Spring in Charlotte. i believe we have a great opportunity to do it because of the fest growing wrestling population in southeast. This will allow us to encourage local wrestlers and prepare them to be an national and international-level wrestlers.
  • it has been my dream that one day i would like to take a team with the best kids in Southeast to Turkey, my original county and which is also one of the bests in wrestling. My action plan is to take the team there for about 15-20 days and have a camp with some of the best clubs (possibly with Turkish youth national team), some dual matches and let our kids one of the best experience they will ever get. I believe it will make a great impact in that wrestler for his future wrestling career. And now it is not too far to do so. It would be right after Spring school season.
  • Now, in summer we continue to practice, three times a week on Tuesday and Thursday at 6 pm and Sunday at 1 pm. I believe it is very important to maintain our shape, keep learning and try to get better. By taking advantage of our summer program and not loosing any time wrestlers get ahead of their competitors.

Sports Nutritions and Supplements;
In July we launched our organic and natural sports Nutritions and Supplements program that will allow wrestlers, parents and coaches to purchase Organic and natural
sports Nutritions and Supplements (XS and Nutrilite) with FREE Shipping for over $75 order. Our vitamins and supplements rely on organic farming techniques and stringent processing standards to carefully grow and extract nature’s most beneficial nutrients so you and your family can enjoy more energy, more vitality, and more life. For more information please click here

Consequently, i would like to thank you again making us one of the best wrestling program in southeast by trusting in our program. For the future we make sure to provide you with best wrestling training and resources you need!

June 11-14, 2009

Technique Summer Wrestling Camp

Champions Wrestling School held its technique camp with over 40 wrestlers from Charlotte areas. It was a lot of fun and such a learning experience for the campers to join and enjoy a well-organized 4-day wrestling camp.

Right after most schools were closed participants were aware of

that summer is the best time to catch up and improve their wrestling ability through summer camps. So they chose our camp to go and train with the best by taking advantage of it!

March 14, 2009

AAU NC State Championships

Congratulation to the winners and placers at NC AAU State Championships over the weekend in Greensboro, NC. It was great to see that The Wrestlers from Charlotte area improved and went beyond the expectation tremendously.

That is because of the wrestlers' parents who love wrestling and their coaches who put a lot of afford and sacrifice. Therefore, i would like to recognize our local wrestling Clubs;

  • Pitbull Wrestling
  • Sun Devil
  • Mat Maniac
  • Titan Wrestling
  • Team Cabarrus

for their achievement and performance.

Freestyle and Greco Wrestling in Spring;

From now on, Champions Wrestling School is beginning to practice
Free-Style and Greco Wrestling in addition to still covering folkstyle wrestling I wrestled freestyle all my life and coached in the state at collage level. What i experienced is that if you really want to be a good wrestler, you got to practice and wrestle freestyle since it teach you stability, balance, get-to-the point techs, etc. Every move you do may gain you or cost you point. Therefore, you pay extra attention and consider every possibility and

opportunity in freestyle.

So i highly recommend to wrestle freestyle and greco wrestling if you want to be a unique wrestler with ability of doing a lots of great moves. To give wrestlers an opportunity of learning freestyle and greco, we are going to host wrestling clinic on April 5'th.


Feb 14, 2009

Elementary and Middle School Championship

Congratulation to the NC Elementary and Middle School Champions. Over the weekend, Over 400 wrestlers from Georgia, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee participated the championship. It was wonderful to see wrestlers from surrounding Charlotte areas dominated the tournament. 

That is because of you as a parent who love wrestling and because of your commitment for your kids who chose the best sport in the world to be done. Champions Wrestling School was there with over 20 wrestlers who practice with us. We can not be happier to see our wrestlers succeeding and rising the bar... So we are very pleased to be part of their achievement. 

Elementary School Championship Placer;

Tyler Gregor 1'st Placer
Nathan Buchanan 2'nd placer
Hunter Smith 1'st placer
Joshua Weinstein 1'st placer
Roby Csutha 1'st placer

Middle School Championship Placer;

Ryan Smith 1'st placer
Michael Bedard 1'st placer
Chase Hayes 1'st placer
Joshua Motsinger 1'st placer
Troy Gregor 2'nd placer

Again, Congratulation to the winners and keep it going boys , way to go...

Feb 8, 2009

Gold Medal Wrestling Clinic,

Champions Wrestling School finished another world class wrestling clinic with a very intensive, well structured wrestling training.

Many wrestlers from all over places near greater Charlotte area participated four our sessions to maximize their performance and wrestling skills. We covered setups, Russian ties, how to do high crotch and single leg finishings etc.


Jan 18, 2009

World Medal Wrestling Clinic

We hosted another wrestling clinic with over 65 participants in two locations, Jan 18 in Charlotte, Jan 19 in Concord. Wrestlers got opportunity to learn different takedowns, leg-in, breakdown and Russian ties.

Even though it was mostly top-bottom position, we covered setups and finishing on-feet. On top-bottom, wrestlers learned how to dominate on top and win the match by using leg-in, breakdown, armbar etc.