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Dec 21, 2008

Gold Medal Wrestling Clinic

Once again, Champions Wrestling School completed its clinic with a great success; over 35 wrestlers participated and learned high-tech moves, especially trows which are so popular at international tournament and championships. Wrestlers got chance to learn new set-ups and how to control the match on feet and rise the bar!

Nov 09, 2008

All-Star Wrestling Clinic

I would like to thank for those of you who made the All-Star wrestling clinic over the weekend for making it a wonderful start of wrestling season. We had over 30 participants from elementary to high school level. Clinic was primarily about preparation of USA National Dual Championship coming up in Fayetteville, NC in addition to leverage our wrestling activity and program.

As we committed early to contribute our knowledge and experience into NC Wrestling and provide opportunity for local wrestlers to improve their wrestling skills, Champions Wrestling School is having fast start with offering of clinics, expending its practice schedule into three days a week for silver class.

Oct 19, 2008
Charlotte All-Star Elementary And Middle School Teams
Dear Wrestlers and Parents,

Champions Wrestling School is putting together Charlotte All-Star Elementary Wrestling Team for USA National Dual Wrestling Championship and other major tournaments in addition to Middle School Wrestling Team to go to USA National Elementary and Middle School Championships coming up in Fayetteville NC on Nov 21-22.

We were already committed to put together Middle School team. After receiving many requests and phone calls, we felt that it is our obligation to serve wrestling community to rise the bar and put together elementary team as well. You will get at least 4 matches in such tournament. So i encourage all elementary and middle school wrestlers take advantage of this great opportunity. Please let me know if you are interested in being on Charlotte All-Star Elementary and Middle school teams ASAP!!

Parent and Coaches, practice is mandatory so don't miss it, if you have to miss it, let me know by phone or email ahead of time. Also see below for the Elementary and Middle School Team practice schedule:

All-Star Elementary and Middle School Wrestling Practice Schedule:

October 23 at 6 pm, Thursday
Oct 26 at 3 pm, Sunday
Oct 30 at 6 pm, Thursday
Nov 2 at 3 pm, Sunday
Nov 6 at 6 pm, Thursday
Nov 9 at 3 pm, Sunday
Nov 13 at 6 pm (wrestling off), Thursday
Nov 16 at 3 pm, Sunday
Nov 20 at 6, Thursday
Leave Nov 21 Friday afternoon for Fayetteville ( detail will be announced later)
Weight-in: Weigh-ins and registration will take place between 1 pm and 8 pm on Friday November 21, 2008 at the Holiday Inn I-95, 1944 Cedar Creek Road, Fayetteville, NC 28312. This is the host hotel for the event. Each team will register and weigh in together.

Aug 14 2008

Goksun Wrestling Festival, Turkey

I visited my country in Aug and participated in a wrestling festival in my hometown,Goksun in Turkey where i was born and grew up wrestling. As a common tradition, throughout summer there are a lot of traditional wrestling tournaments and so many wrestlers get busy, wrestling in Turkey.
It is one of the biggest and oldest traditional wrestling tournament in Turkey. Every year over 800 wrestlers competed in three different categories;Junior, Cadet, and Senior ( +18 years) for the rewords. I also participated and did an exhibition match as the end of my active wrestling career. It was very emotional moment for me to wrestle in my home town as my last official wrestling match as the announcer introduced me.
                                                                                                                    I wrestled an exhibition match ( on the right!)

 During the tournament i was honored and given a special shield by the Turkish Senate Asst.President, Nevzat Pakdil.It is given to those who served in wrestling proudly and bring a championship from international level to the local region.





                                                              I was given a special shield by the Turkish Senate Asst. President, NevzatPakdil

July 25, 2008
2008 Summer Wrestling Camp and Summary of 2007-2008 Season

Champions Wrestling School finished 2007-2008 wrestling season with a successful summer wrestling camp. And I would like to thank for those of you making our 2008 summer wrestling camp. We had about 45 campers, from 6 years old to 18 years old for 5 days camp. During the camp, Wrestlers showed great performance and enjoyed working out in multi activities like conditioning, swimming, wrestling, running and others. About 35 % of the campers participated in a summer wrestling camp for the first time.

We were so glad to offer such opportunity for them. And we are committed to provide better wrestling learning opportunities and improvement program for them in the future.

During 2007-2008 season, our wrestlers participated many tournaments and championships. 50 % of our members were beginner wrestlers, 30 % of members have been wrestling for 3-4 years, 20 % of members have been wrestling for over 4 years.
But, because of constant improvements and great interest our wrestlers upset so many opponents on the mat at the State championships and other big tournaments and finished with 7 first places, 2 second places, 4 third places at AAU NC State Championship, 3 first places, 4 second places and 1 third place at USA NC State freestyle and Greco Championships.

We hosted 8 wrestling clinics (mini camp), one summer wrestling camp and participated two summer camp as a guest. During the camps and clinics wrestlers got chance to learn and improve constantly and as we are committed to do in our program, some time we brought in a guest to show new techniques and share their unique experience with our wrestlers. And we will continue to bring in National, international and Division I level wrestlers.


July 5, 2008
Titan Wrestling Camp

We participated in Titan Wrestling Camp at Hopewell High School in Huntersville, NC and shared our experience on June 30 through July 3'th. The Campers got a chance to learn international level techniques for 3 days. Most of the wrestlers were high school wrestlers and taking every opportunity to get ready for the season ahead of time.

June 9-13, 2008
Sun Valley Summer Wrestling Camp

Champions Wrestling School, as a guest, participated in the Summer camp at our partner club, Sun Valley High School in Monroe over the week. Over 25 campers participated in 5 day-long summer camp. We, as Champions Wrestling School, are proud to be part of wrestling skills development for the young generation and continue to help achieve their success.

May 3-4, 2008
North Carolina USA Wrestling
Several of the Champions Wrestling School wrestlers competed on May 3 and 4 in Kernersville, NC at the North Carolina USA Wrestling 37th Annual State Freestyle and Greco Roman Championships. Wrestlers from all over the state competed in the two-day event competing in the two Olympic styles of wrestling; Greco Roman and Freestyle. Champions Wrestling School had a total of 10 wrestlers competing in the Greco event and a total of 12 wrestlers competing in the Freestyle event. An impressive finish with all wrestlers placing in the top 3 positions of their respective weight classes.

1st Place - John Bedard
1st Place - Adam Gerber
1st Place-Hunter Smith
2nd Place - Gil Gerber
2nd Place - Ryan Smith
2nd Place - Trey Buchanan
2nd Place-Mark Bedard
3rd Place- Joe Bedard

Congratulations to these outstanding wrestlers

March 1, 2008
NC AAU State Championship
Champions Wrestling School was represented by over 25 wrestlers at the 2008 NC AAU State Championship on March 1'st and seven of them placed first, two of them placed second and four of them placed third which made phenomenal season over all when you talk about the first year of Champions Wrestling School. 12 of the other team members placed in top six while only three of our members did not place As a result, 90% of our wrestlers placed in top six and made a wonderful memory for themselves and Champions Wrestling School.
                                                                                    2008 NC State Champions, Troy & Tyler Gregor, Joshua Weinstein

Dec 29, 2007

Wrestling Clinic

Former Turkish Olympic and World Champions Ahmet Ayik visited our practice and clinic we held on Dec 29. During the both visits, The Wrestlers got a unique opportunity to meet and talk with Ahmet Ayik. He gave an inspiring speech to rising wrestlers. Since it was also the first time most of the wrestlers met an Olympic and World Champion so they were trilled to meet and listen his stories and advices.

Champions Wrestling School continues to bring in All American, National Champion and International-level wrestlers to help and inspire young wrestlers.