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Folkstyle - Freestyle - Greco

Our philosophy reinforces 6 CORE Values
Mental ToughnessRespectWork EthicSelf-DisciplineLeadershipIntegrity

Our mission is achieved through 4 Critical Objectives:

1) Consistent Reinforcement of our CORE Values 2) Strategic Training in 3 Critical Skills 3) Comprehensive/Year-Round Training 4) Quality Coaching

Positive and Structured environment that focuses on 3 Critical Skill Areas:

3 Critical Skills

Positive Self-Talk
Defining Success
Core Strength
Mat Wrestling
Hand Fighting
Scoring Rules
Download Champions Wrestling School Club Philosophy Packet

Dear Working Parent,
It is our goal to lead and inspire young wrestlers as they strive to meet their athletic personal goals! Our attention to technical detail and preparation for strategic situations should enable our wrestlers to be successful at each level in which they choose to compete.We will emphasize our dedication to comprehensive training and the obvious benefits that hard work and attention to detail will bring.


We will constantly motivate our wrestlers to be successful both on the mat and off the mat and will do everything in our power to maintain their passion of wrestling for higher achievements. You know how difficult it is to find a quality after-school sport program. Most programs are little more than glorified babysitting services with no structured plan to improve your child's health, self-esteem, behavior, confidence, focus, manners, leadership skills and Sportsmanship.

Worry no more—your child can enjoy a fun, safe, structured, top-quality AAU and USA wrestling program at Champions Wrestling School in Charlotte and Greensboro. In addition, at out school, we constantly prepare our wrestlers for different circumstances that they face in a match. So we especially pay extra attention on every individual’s needs in addition to general topics like take down, top-bottom, finishing, arm control, front head, Russian ties and many more...
Champions Wrestling School is designed to provide best training and resources to the wrestlers in the Greater Charlotte and Greensboro area, NC. As an AAU and USA Wrestling program, we have the best local wrestlers from 5 years old to 16 years old on our team to push each other every day to the limit that eventually will lead them to be the best and become a champion.
When your child enrolls in our program, he or she will be training as part of a highly-motivated and dedicated group of children. So we don't accept students who aren't dedicated, motivated and enthused about wrestling. At our After-School Program your child will get into great shape physically and learn valuable wrestling skills. Your child will also be training along side other highly-motivated children who support and help each other.
I have designed Champions Wrestling School carefully so the kids have a positive experience both on and off the mats, and they will learn techniques necessary to become a champion through a carefully designed sequence of instruction, unique drills and review session before, during and after each practice.
I understand that Champions Wrestling School can't be the right school for everyone;
It's possible that we are not the wrestling program that some parents are seeking for their child. We're not a babysitting service, nor do we give away wrestling gears to anyone who pays tuition. If you are looking for the cheapest service rather than a top-quality service at a great value we are probably not the cheapest.
But if you like the idea of a structured wrestling program that concentrates on developing children who are growing stronger mentally, physically and spiritually - and who are acquiring the Sportsmanship of Excellence - then we may very well be the ideal program for you.Your child will have to work hard at wrestling training in our classes, and must develop the physical, mental and emotional qualities that are necessary ingredient to be a champion. We are a top quality, whole-year
wrestling program offering World Class training at a great value.

How do I know your child will be with other motivated and dedicated students, and not a bunch of kids who are just taking up space?
Very simple - we don't accept students who don't show a serious interest. Your child won't reach his or her full potential without the motivation and positive peer pressure of other highly dedicated students who are committed to excellence and being a champion. 
Curious or Serious?
We weed out the really non-serious families right away: For example, you wouldn't have taken the time to come to our web site, and you wouldn't still be reading this letter, if you weren't seriously interested in bettering your child's life. So Champions Wrestling School accepts children who demonstrate good character, who want to have fun and enjoy the life-changing benefits of wrestling, and who have strong family support for our program. We accept students with or without previous wrestling experience, regardless of race, religion or similar factors.


Take advantage of a valuable discount on tuition;
Simply bring a copy of the source where you learned about Champions Wrestling School (letter, flier, business card, ad, etc.) and we will give you a valuable money-saving discount on the tuition when your child is accepted into the program. If you learned about us online please just indicate on your application exactly where you saw it and we will give you the same discount.

Receive a great gift if you invite a friend or family member;
Training with a sincere and dedicated friend or family member can be supportive and extra-motivating for many children. If your child has a friend or family member whom you think might benefit as much as your child from our After-School Wrestling Program, have them also go online and fill out the application form. If both children are accepted then both families will receive a fantastic gift when you enroll—plus it can be great for car pooling!



Champions Wrestling School offers;

  • Gold Class
  • Silver Class
  • Private Class
  • Toddler Class




(two hours per practice at least three time a week)

1 month3 months6 months9 months 12 months



low as $30 per week*


(as low as $25 per week*)


(as low as $22 per week*)


(as low as $20 per week*)


(as low as $16 per week*)

Private Training

assuming practice twice a week 1 hour 20 min


per session**


per session**


per session**


 Please note: price is subject to change!

* at least 3 months upfront payment is required

**upfront payment of four sessions is required (Each session goes about 1 hour 20 min)

Note: Family and group discounts available!