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I wanted to thank you and your staff for all the help and support you have provided Zak during this season. As a first year wrestler we never imagined he could become a state champion. Im still in shock. Again thank you for all the help and support.

Dave Rainess 3/14/2011

Hello Adem, I bring James to your wrestling school because of your international wrestling successions and your collegiate history. Your wrestling school brings in good workout partners for James and he improves greatly from it. I watch you work with the young men in the wrestling room and you listen to what questions they have and you answer them in ways that they understand. James comes out of your practices with something new to show me every time. He uses the moves that you teach him during his matches and sometimes they are match winning moves. We appreciate what you do.

Mike Ryan, 2/13/2010

I enjoy going to Adem Kaya' s Champions Wrestling School practices, Camps, and clinics for multiple reasons. When he teaches us a new Technique, he also teach the defence to it and that helps me during my matches Greatly. Also, during live wrestling at practices, he wrestles with me and make it hard on me to get the shot or the move im working for. At the camps and clinics, he puts me with older guys and that helps me with working my core moves, it makes them almost perfect. All of his practices have intense drilling, and lots of live wrestling, preparing me for the biggest tournaments.

James Ryan, 3X NC State Champions 2/13/2010

Brett loves coming to your clinics and his favorite part is the different warm ups and stretching. He takes them back to his team and shows them, and they all have a blast with them.

Elizabeth Barber, 1/15/2010

Hi Adem,

I wanted to let you know the 3 day training was a good experience for Daniel and gave him some needed work over the holidays. He wrestled in an SC State Qualifier over the weekend and came in second in his pool and wil be an alternate. He enjoyed your teaching style and will be coming back to train with you.


John Gallahan, 1/18/2010


Our son has been attending Championship Wrestling and the improvements he has made are way beyond our expectations. Practices are intense and the level of instruction he has received is excellent. These practices have been instrumental in developing his self-discipline and mental toughness. A level of sportsmanship is expected from each of the students and the participants are all hard working. What they do in the gym builds character and improved his work ethic which has helped him in every aspect of his life including school. He really looks forward to practice every week. We are very happy that our son is a part of The Championship Wrestling School.

Glenn Duffy, 1/9/2010

Coach Kaya,

Jordan has enjoyed learning the fundamentals of wrestling through your school. After only two months, Jordan has shown tremendous improvement. I feel the repetitive drills and live wrestling situations have been a big part of why Jordan continues to show improvement. You challenge the wrestlers to make the most out of each class. This reduces the goofing off and allows the wrestlers to concentrate on learning. Thank you for your commitment to teaching the great sport of wrestling to the boys. It was great to have you in Jordan's corner at his first wrestling tournament. You made it a fun experience by concentrating on helping him improve and not being focused on the win/loss column.

David Rumble 1/4/2010


Brett loves coming to your clinics and his favorite part is the different warm ups and stretching. He takes them back to his team and shows them, and they all have a blast with them. It’s great that you have a Matthews location now, I am sure you will see Brett and a few Sun Valley wrestlers showing up once the high school season winds down.

Elizabeth Barber 1/7/2010

Drew has learned a tremendous amount at Champions Wrestling School, his first season of wrestling.

His confidence has grown and his conditioning is excellent. He's learned that it takes discipline and hard work to be competitive wrestler. Coach Kaya expects a high level of energy and focus from his students and as a result, is grooming wrestlers that are physically and mentally tough. Additionally, Coach Kaya's world class knowledge of the sport is creating a superb group of skilled young wrestlers. We are extremely happy to have Drew in Champions Wrestling School with Coach Kaya.

Dave Pollack