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  • Gold Class;

This class is designed for wrestlers who want to take their wrestling to the next level and prepare themselves for the State, Regional, and International Championships. We focus on chain drilling, take down, continuing action, one-on-one, situational training, working on individual needs and much more. Once they enter this intensive class, they will have wonderful feeling after every practice because we make sure practice  


  • Silver Class;

This class is for beginners and wrestlers who have been wrestling for two to three years. We will teach basic wrestling techniques and emphasize set-ups, proper drilling, and then move into take down, inside trips, throws, tilts, top-bottom wrestling, counter wrestling, and much more.


  • Private Training;


Do you worry about your first step onto a mat? Have you ever been scared of trying to make that headlock or not taken a shot because it was on your weaker style? Every wrestler has areas of his or her ways that need work. Champions Wrestling School now offers the perfect environment to identify and develop these areas. Our individual training programs and specific evaluations will target weaknesses and accelerate wrestler's improvement faster than regular practices.


Coach Kaya will work on the specific skills that you think are important to improve your wrestling in an individualized, one-on-one environment. Whether you have a wrestling-off coming up, or you are just looking for general development or have an important match on the way; Private training at Champions Wrestling School will improve both your confidence and your wrestling style.





Have you ever wondered why some wrestlers are capable of things that others can not achieve? There's no secret that perfect practice makes permanent. Our individual training programs and specific evaluations will target weaknesses and accelerate wrestler’s improvement faster than regular practices. Individual programs give coaches more opportunities to correct technical imperfections and help your child understand where and how these techniques can be implemented in a situation.


  • Toddler Class;


It is important for any kid to start learning fundamental of wrestling at early age. In these classes we focus on achieving social skills, hand-eye coordination, balance, physical development and, of course, lots of fun. This program is comprised of one hour classes once a week over a 10 week period. We have received many questions and requests whether we will have a class for toddlers. Now is the time for parents to sign their kids for the one of the best toddlers and youth wrestling program in Southeast.